Food Safety Corner

Stringent Supplier Selection

Stringent Supplier Selection

At Genki Sushi, we source quality ingredients through suppliers stringently selected from all over the world. We have established a quality management system to ensure food safety so that customers can enjoy our food with peace of mind.

How Our Suppliers Are Selected

Supplier Registration

Annual Supplier Management and Assessment Program

Meanwhile, we have implemented a comprehensive Annual Supplier Management and Assessment Program for registered suppliers. The program’s supply chain and quality assurance assessment helps monitor suppliers to ensure that they meet the relevant standards. Suppliers who fail to meet the set standards will immediately have their contracts terminated.

Supply Chain Measurement

  • Delivery Reliability
  • Contract Fulfillment
  • Innovation Development Capability
  • Service Excellence

Quality Assurance Measurement

  • Quality Excellence
    1. Legal Compliance
    2. Quality Compliance
    3. Verification results according to third party testing
  • Site Audit for Food Safety and Quality

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