The Genki Experience

The Ingredients

Quality sushi can only be made from the best ingredients. At Genki Sushi, we take great pride in choosing only the freshest ingredients for our sushi. Every single piece is made with the utmost commitment from our dedicated staff.

Product Management

It is our mission to provide a stable supply of products and to always maintain and improve our quality in order to expand our business worldwide. We import ingredients from all over the world, and we also source choice goods on the spot from ports and markets all over Japan. We have established the effective use of our distribution centres, the promptness of our concentrated intermediate processing, and our functional distribution system, which leads to speedy supply of the same fresh ingredients to all our outlets.


We use top-quality grains that provide the perfect level of stickiness and smoothness in our sushi rice. The rice is cooked in a very particular culinary style where no oil is used.


Produced in a distinguished factory in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, with two centuries of experience, our sushi vinegar is made for perfection.

Soy Sauce

With the right amount of sweetness to balance the saltiness, soy sauce brings out the best in other sushi ingredients.


Our seaweed is selected from Japanese seaweed for its medium thickness and naturally glossy surface that is crunchy with hints of a mild oceanic taste. Seaweed has high nutritional value and contains fibre, minerals, and Vitamins A and C.

Green Tea

We use tea leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, that are dried and ground into powder. Green tea not only helps your body's digestive system, it also provides Vitamins A, C and E.

Customer Management

Customer service is a key driver of our business, and we strive to exceed customer expectations. With the aim of providing a unique Genki experience, we have built a precise customer database that enables us to improve our decision-making at the customer contact point.

Product Development

Genki Sushi is quick to respond to trends and changes in taste, and we promptly reflect them in our must-have and limited seasonal menus. We are not restricted by our existing concepts and remain open to innovative menus. We will always go beyond mere price competitiveness and actively promote product differentiation.